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Title: Shock video screening gets go-ahead
Author: James Seddon

Shock video screening gets go-ahead


THE anti-war video Two Tribes, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, gets its world premiere TV showing in a special late-night programme, TUBE EXTRA (Channel 4, 1 a.m.).

It was decided to screen the complete, unexpurgated version of the controversial video after a meeting between executive producer Malcolm Gerrie and Channel 4 bosses. It opens with a chilling early warning nuclear attack, and also features a wrestling match between President Reagan and the Russian leader, Chernenko. Says Malcolm: “It is a brilliant video. But while there is a tongue-in-cheek element about the violence, we certainly couldn’t have screened it mid-evening.

The explosive band, whose Two Tribes single shot to No. 1 in the charts only days after being released, made an immediate impact on their TV debut on The Tube.

The group will also be talking about the video on the programme along with their manager Paul Morley and Tube regular Muriel Grey.

Bachelor girl Muriel, a 25-year-old Glaswegian, says: “The video is on a shocking subject but the band, who are a great bunch of guys, treat it lightheartedly. It’s quite amusing.

“In the wrestling match Reagan bites off Chernenko’s ear. But it’s not gory. It’s just a laugh.”

The special show is a curtain-raiser for the mammoth five-hour live rock show, The Midsummer Night’s Tube next Friday.