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Title: Could you find out who the girl was…

Could you find out who the girl was as seen by millions being kissed by Mark O’Toole of Frankie at the BPI awards ceremony? Also, a couple of issues back you said that Ped had given up smoking. Well, I saw him smoking again that night.

Frankie Fan, Claygate.

The smackeroonie that night went to the very charming Karen Goodman, a kind of administrator and the one who “runs the shop” at the offices of ZTT. “But it was only a little kiss,” chirps Karen. “And he’s such a nice guy.” As regards the recurrence of Ped’s ‘annoying little habit’, a spokesperson for the chap insists that “not one fag did pass his lips that night. It’s true that he was a touch nervous, as expected, but I was there too and I certainly didn’t see him smoking.” So, who to believe? I’m in such a quandary.