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Title: Frankie goes too far, say unions
Source: Daily Mail
Publish date: 31 January 1985

Frankie goes too far, say unions

OUTRAGEOUS pop group Frankie Goes To Hollywood have been banned - because of a book.

Printers said that an illustration for the book, dealing wtih the chart-toppers phenomenally successful first year, depicted an animal orgy and was unsuitable for the 10-to-13year-olds who would buy it.

Frankie had gone too far, they said and halted publication.

The illustration appeared on the cover of Frankie’s million-selling album Welcome to the Pleasuredome - but with modest fig leaves added at the insistence of nervous record executives.

For the book, the group wanted to use the unexpurgated version until print unions at East Midlands Allied Press Group In Peterborough stepped in. The publishers, EMAP Books, have now dropped the book.

Frankie’s record company, ZTT said: ‘We don’t know what all the controversy was about.’

But Mr Peter Drew of the NGA print union at EMAP said: ‘It left nothing to the imagination.’