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Title: Tony Pope (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)


TONY POPE (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)


Garry Blackburn, a friend of mine, asked me to help him manage a band called Buzz. I said I didnít think Iíd be any good because I hated the business and the people in it. Eventually, I said Iíd give it six months. That was five years ago. I met Frankie round about the time of ĎRelaxí and they asked me to manage them.


Three number one singles and a number one album. Having the second biggest single of 1984 after ĎDo They Know Itís Christmas?í. Also, getting the band to play live and convincing people that they were very good and could play. There was a lot of pressure not to do it in case the bubble burst.


Financial considerations arenít my main driving force. If I didnít like Frankieís music, or them as people, I wouldnít manage them even if it would make me a multimillionaire. Frankie is my life, theyíre in my blood.

The manager is always the bad guy though; you need to be very thick-skinned. Itís a thankless task and you have to do your own back-slapping.

I feel no ego whatsoever and people sometimes say thatís my downfall. In any case, Iíve never ever felt any yearning to be up on stage. Iím basically just a cog in the mechanism and I donít know many egotistical cogs.

Iím Frankieís personal manager as well as their business manager. I donít know whether other managers would fill in their bass playerís American Express application form.