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Credit where credits due: Many thanks to Catwoman for the article scan

Title: Talk talk talk
Source: Melody Maker
Publish date: December 1, 1984


SHOCK! Horror! History is being rewritten… Mike Read, a moral man, has made it up with Frankie Goes To etc by doing the voice-over for the TV ad plugging their “Pleasure Dome” elpee.

Read said: “I am delighted at being able to be of assistance to the group. I hope people will now realise that there are no hard feelings between us.” We hope that the phrase “hard feelings” is not a sexual innuendo. A BBC spokesman said: “Mike still refuses to admit that there has been a rift”.

The Maker, sceptical to the last, wonders how much Senor Read might be earning from this little exercise, and whether this could have anything to do with his apparent change of heart towards the scurrilous Scousers?…