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Title: When Frankie Goes To Glasgow…
Author: Kenny Blair

When Frankie Goes To Glasgow…

By Kenny Blair

THIS Thursday FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD bring their latest live extravaganza to the Scottish Exhibition Centre. But is anyone still listening?

They had an unprecedented three number ones with their first four singles, but their second LP, “Liverpool” and the 45s “Rage Hard” and especially “Warriors of the Wasteland” haven’t had the same impact.

I spoke to vocalist Paul Rutherford, though, who told me he’s been surprised by how well the tour is going.

“I thought London would be the hardest place, but the two nights at Wembley were full and the audience were on their feet from the beginning.

“And in France and Germany the shows were sold out weeks ago.”

Nonetheless, their Glasgow show was transferred from the 10,000 capacity hall to the 3000 venue after initial ticket sales disappointed.

The SECC say the decision was taken by band and promoter despite the fact most concertgoers buy their tickets at the last minute.

But fans can still be sure of a big show. The lighting rig is by all accounts spectacular, and Paul says that while the music from the new LP is more sombre it’s still exciting.

“It beats me why people think they need The Housemartins. They’re too ordinary while you can be sure we’ll always put on a spectacular show.”