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Title: The fiction factory
Author: Pat Thomas
Source: No. 1

The complete catalogue of Frankie Goes To Hollywood - if you’ve got the lot you can relax!


Research by Pat Thomas

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into your record shops, along came Frankie with this year’s two biggest singles ‘Relax’ and ‘Two Tribes’. But those discs have got more going for them than just platinum sales.

Between the pair of them there are no less than 15 official versions in the shops. Now here’s your chance to check your collection against the official No. 1 list. How many have you got?

7” standard
7” picture disc
12” 5-minute mix
12” 8-minute mix
12” 16½-minute mix
12” picture disc

7” standard
7” picture disc
12” Annihilation mix
12” Carnage mix
12” War (Hide Yourself) A-side
12” Hibakusha mix
12” picture disc

In addition to this lot, the video version of ‘Two Tribes’ features the voice of ex-President Richard Nixon at the beginning - something none of the other versions have. And there’s yet another mix of ‘Two Tribes’ on the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 3’ LP.

Oh, and on top of that lot there’s been a whole series of promotion-only items, including a 12” ‘Relax’/’Two Tribes’ double A-side. Unfortunately most of these have only been available to DJs, but if you’ve still got more money than sense you can pick up a 7” copy of ‘Relax (The Last Seven Inches)’ from Stiff/Island Mail Order, 22 St Peter Square, London W6 for a mere four quid.