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Title: Frankie sell-out… ZTT go mad
Source: No .1
Publish date: 2 Feb 1985


Frankie Goes To Hollywood have added three dates to their spring tour due to massive demand. The extra concerts are at Glasgow Apollo March 21 and London’s Hammersmith Odeon 19 and 30.

Tickets for Glasgow are £7.50 and £6.50, while the London shows are £8 and £7. A new Frankie single, a remix of ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’/‘Disneyland’ is released in mid-February.

Meanwhile home of the hits ZTT have lined up releases by new acts for early ‘85. Andrew Poppy - “the missing link between Beethoven and Lou Reed” - will have his debut album ‘The Subject Is Of No Object’ out as soon as he’s finished it.

Propaganda, who had a hit with ‘Dr Mabuse’ last year, are currently locked away in London and Dusseldorf putting the finishing touches to their album ‘A Secret Wish…’ A new single ‘P-Machinery’ will be taken from it.

Anne Pigalle also has an album out soon titled ‘…everything could be so perfect’.

Instinct are another new act, described as a “soulful, mobile, intelligent unit” featuring ex-Pigbaggers Simon Underwood, Angela Jaeger and James Johnson. Their first single will be ‘Sleepwalking’ at the beginning of May.

Art of Noise have a cassette of the story of ‘Close (To The Edit)’ out now, and a new single ‘Moments In Love’ out soon.

And finally… there’s an official Frankie book And Suddenly There came A Bang, which’ll cost £2.25.