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Title: Frankie Goes To Hollywood release their first 1985 single...
Source: New Musical Express
Publish date: 2nd February 1985

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLWOOD release their first 1985 single on 14 February, and it’s none other than the title track from their double LP ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome’ – described by ZTT Records as a “concentrated up-date” (edited remix?) – coupled with ‘Disneyland’.

The company is also launching ZTT Etcetera, a subsidiary dealing in print, clothes and film. Its first publication (“100 times better than any other pop group book”) is And Suddenly There Came A Bang!, covering one year in the life of FGTH. It costs £2.25 from EMAP Books (to whom cheques and Pos should be made payable), Bushfield House, Orton Centre, Peterborough PE2 0UW, and also available in selected shops.

ZTT’s first movie venture is to release the soundtrack for Nic Roeg’s new comic-atrocity film Insignificance, which stars Tony Curtis. It features music from Gil Evans, Roy Orbison, Hans Zimmer and Stanley Myers.

The parent ZTT label are also launching three of their other acts – Andrew Poppy, who orchestrated Psychic TV’s first two albums, is finishing work on his debut LP ‘The Subject Is Of No Object’; “scorch singer” Anne Pigalle will have their first album out shortly, titled ‘Everything Could Be So Perfect’; and Instinct – comprising Angela Jaegar, James Johnson and Simon Underwood – have just started recording their first single ‘Sleepwalking’.

Already charting for ZTT with ‘Close To The Edit’, Art Of Noise are currently working on their follow-up single ‘Moments In Love’ – and a cassette called ‘That Was Close’ is out this week, telling the story of their chart hit. Meanwhile, Propaganda are busy recording their debut album ‘A Secret Wish’.