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Title: Holly Johnson


1. The Spice Of Life I Mean in the way that art differs from real life. A Coronation Street kind of existence is alright for some but Id rather not live like that. Id rather live my life in a painting than a photograph of a factory.

2. Flowers All kinds of flowers. Without them the world would be a pretty dull place.

3. Music, Books and Films For the stimulation of the mind and the soul.

4. Alison Moyet Just because I think shes very good.

5. French and Saunders Because theyre very funny and people need to lauch.

6. A new David Bowie album now and again its one of the little things we need to expect from life.

7. No.1 I couldnt go on living without it.

8. Hollywood For its entertainment value and sense of glamour.

9. Painters People like Duncan Grant, Picasso, Matisse, Andy Warhol, and Michelangelo all of whom are individuals.

10. The Sun Not the newspaper. Because its the centre of the solar energy and because of the optimism it brings when it comes out of the clouds.

11. Glamour An absolute essential. Where would we all be without it?