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Title: Holly Johnson, formerly the singer with Frankie...
Source: Vox
Publish date: December 1993


HOLLY JOHNSON, formerly the singer with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, is putting the finishing touches to his autobiography which will be published by Random House in spring 1994. ďItís called A Bone In My Flute - yeah that is as rude as it sounds - and all will be revealedĒ, says Holly. ďIt isnít a pop memoir as such. Itís more of a homosexual Huckleberry Finn. Itís about growing up gay in working class Liverpool. Thereís a lot of that. The Frankie Goes To Hollywood story takes up the second half. Itís sort of like a Terence Davis film, in a different era. It wasnít a commissioned book and I didnít use a guest ghost writer. Itís all me own work and it was bloody hard. Iím editing it now and Iím discovering that you canít say fuck-all anymore because of the libel laws. You canít say, for example, that such and such narrowly escaped becoming a heroin addict by the skin of his teeth, even if itís absolutely true. I canít express an opinion likeÖ Öis a complete ass licking, back-stabbing bastard!