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PINK INDUSTRY Low Technology (Zulu ZULU 2) ☆☆☆☆

FOR ONCE — the first and only time in the history of record company press releases — the blurb sums it up: ‘Pink Industry believe that modern technology at its best should capture rather than eliminate the human element which is so vital to good music.

Pink Industry are human. Its obvious that they bleed, feel and cry which is more than you can say for the likes of the ridiculous KajaGooGoo and the other manufactured, sterile heroes of the scummy ‘new pop world.

Like the Passage, Pink Industry have grabbed the hideous artefacts of the new technology and used them to destroy the sterile icons on which that technology is built. Like the Passage, the Industry have got soul! ‘New Aims is superb; ‘Send Them Away is insidiously magnificent — all that with a two-piece line-up! — while ‘Is This The End is so close to Nico that it hurts.

I remain a Luddite, and sympathise with the Musicians Union in their bid to neutralise the soul-less long mac lugworms of the synth cult. Nevertheless, my mind is still open find Pink Industry have got through.