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Seaside special — New Brighton Rock

For four days the Northern seaside resort of New Brighton was taken over by a cast of thousands.

Their task? To record New Brighton Rock, of course.

And the latest of Granada TVs music specials had an impressive line up. Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Spandau Ballet, Nik Kershaw, The Weather Girls, Helen Terry, Eddy Grant, The Flying Pickets, Madness, Nick Lowe and Gloria Gaynor all performed on a 200 foot stage and catwalk which jutted out over the swimming pool.

It was cold and windy, although mercifully it didnt rain. Even so there were near riots to get good places after free tickets had been given away to local people.

One local girl made good was Debbie Greenwood, now Miss UK, who used to come and swim at the pool as a child.

She was especially looking forward to seeing Spandau Ballet. And as for the use to which the pool was now being put…

“Its marvellous. I cant believe what theyve done to it.

“And its good for the area. I hope they come back.”

Some of the proudest spectators were Ray and Kay Gill whose son Ped was up on stage with Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

“We used to moan at him for playing his drums instead of doing his homework, but look at him out there now. Its great!”

As for the finished product, Granada were delighted and are already talking about a possible return visit. As for the rest of you — well youll just have to tune in on 23 June.

Nick Lowe in festive spirits

Besides the seaside… Tony Hadley inhales the bracing sea air

Weather Girls flaunt their feathers beside the pool

Absolute Madness. Chas and Suggs try to get a word in edgeways with John Gorman

Eddy Grant gets a taste of British weather

Weather Girls… and boys

Paul Rutherford points the way to another No.1

Nik Kershaws in there somewhere, honest!

Helen Terry out on her own

Franke goes…!