ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Yeahs and yeuks



  1. GOT TO BE THERE Michael Jackson. I was about 11 when this came out and I just loved it.
  2. IM COMING OUT Diana Ross. Fab!
  3. BEAT THE STREET Sharon Redd
  4. IN THE NAME OF LOVE Sharon Redd
  5. YOURE A WINNER Sharon Redd. I just think shes really great!
  6. STRANGE FRUIT Billie Holiday. Its beautiful, and old blues song with a really heart-felt vocal, all about the persecution of black people in America.
  7. GET HAPPY Judy Garland. From and old Hollywood film — I think its one of the best film songs ever recorded.
  8. AINT NOBODY Chaka Khan. Because its fab!
  9. LIFE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL The Peech Boys. Because its true!
  10. MESSAGES Abba. I had five days holiday this year in Ibiza which I really enjoyed, and this record was all I ever heard!


  1. HIGH ENERGY Evelyn Thomas. Dont know why but I just dont like it.
  2. HELLO Lionel Richie. I was very disappointed because I loved ‘All Night Long. A real let-down.
  3. THE GIRL IS MINE Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. A waste of two great musicians.
  4. EBONY AND IVORY Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. Same reason!
  5. THE BIRDIE SONG The Tweets. No need to give a reason really, is there? EVERYONE hates this record.