ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Frankie goes to the collections

Frankie goes to the collections and says, “Yamamoto, Montana, Gaultier and Hamnett”

Seen them somewhere before? Holly Johnson (red-haired, diminutive, quizzical), and Paul Rutherford (tall, dark, lively) are the mainstays of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the band that sashayed its way to stardom with Relax and Two Tribes. Their new single, Power of Love, and album, Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, are out now; they are currently touring, and their film, Holly Goes to HolIywood, directed by Brian de Palma, is due out in the spring. Holly wears Gaultier, Yamamoto, Armani, Basile, thinks Montana and Hamnett are wonderful. Paul adds Stephen Linnard and Girbaud. Both have always been foes to the fitted jacket. “I have always worn things over-sized,” says Holly, “regardless of any fashion.” Paul is a purist: “I like classic clothes, but when you wear them, you pervert them almost.” Nevertheless, his Matsuda spencer and Gaultier sweater, main picture, do not seem to have degenerated on him. He has a gitane charm that goes with the roll-neck sweaters he often wears. Hollys views are lined with pearls of sartorial wisdom: “People who dont wear costume jewellery have no future…”; and, often, no past.

Holly Johnson, main picture: pinstripe jacket, at Yohji Yamamoto. Silk sweatshirt; royal blue silk shirt; both by Katharine Hamnett, at Browns. Leather body belt with attached scarf, at Yohji Yamamoto. Cycling cap, white gloves and bow-tie, Hollys own. Insets, as above, plus ribbed wool pleated trousers, at Yohji Yamamoto. Brogues with fringed vamp, at Churchs.

Paul Rutherford, main picture: shawl-collared wool spencer with detachable edging, by Matsuda, at Browns. Roll-neck sweater, by Jean Paul Gaultier, at Bazaar. Coat, at Yohji Yamamoto. Silk handkerchief, Pauls own. Insets, as above, plus wool dress trousers with cream satin side stripes, by Matsuda, at Browns. Ankle-high leather lace-up boots, at The Natural Shoe Store

Jolly Holly, inset top: roll neck sweater, by Montana, at Browns. Cotton corduroy evening trousers, at Yohji Yamamoto. Silk tie, by Memphis; leather plaited braces; leather belt, silver plated studs, by Sergio Palumbo; all at Browns. Cap at Versace. Brogues, at Churchs. He holds a leather jacket with appliqué and fringes, by Montana. In his pocket, royal blue silk shirt, by Katherine Hamnett. Both at Browns.

Holly, inset centre: wool pinstripe jacket, ay Yohji Yamamoto. Striped shirt, by J.E. Casely Hayford, at Joseph. Floral silk tie, by Prochownick, at Bazaar.

Paul: checked jacket, by Thierry Mugler, at Browns.

Wool roll-neck sweater, by Jean Paul Gaultier, at Bazaar. Black Levi 501s.

Tall Paul, inset below: block stripe shirt, ribbed wool waistcoat; both at Yohji Yamamoto. Wool dress trousers, cream satin side stripes, by Matsuda, at Browns.

Paul, far left: silk brocade smoking jacket; striped trousers; both by Jean Paul Gaultier, a Bazaar. Cloqué fronted cotton shirt, at Johji Yamamoto. Silk handkerchief, Pauls own. Ankle-high lace-ups, at The Natural Shoe Store.

Holly, centre left: evening suit; jacquard cotton and silk pleated cummerbund; both by Jean Paul Gaultier. Multi-patterned waistcoat, by John Galliano. All at Bazaar. Cotton shirt, by Montana, at Browns. Hand painted tie, by Dunford Wood, at Paul Smith. Evening gloves, by Akco. Medal, Hollys own.

Paul, near left: snap-fastening wool jacket; cotton waistcoat; both by Yohji Yamamoto. White shirt, by comme des Garçons, at Browns. Tartan trousers, at Crolla. Bow-tie, Pauls own. Ankle-high lace-ups, as above.

Hair, all pages, by Huw at Atlas