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Person 2 person

This week Laura Campbell from Inverness puts some burning questions to Holly Johnson from Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Laura: Do you have a girlfriend, and what is her name?

Holly: Ive got lots of girls who are friends, but I dont have a specific girlfriend.

Laura: Do you like Glaswegians?

Holly: Yeah, I do. I like them a lot actually, because I like Scotland.

Laura: How did you become a singer?

Holly: I used to be a bass player and the band I was in was a bit naff, and I wanted to make a single, so I left. I did always want to sing though.

Laura: The woman who says ‘Youre late as well, thats three times on the run on the Sex-Mix ‘B side of ‘Relax, is it Marie from Brookside?

Holly: No, its Susie from Brookside. Susie is a friend of one of the girls, and shes not in it any more because she went to San Francisco to live, but shes just come home. Her names Helen Murphy, shes a friend of mine.

Laura: What do you listen to in your spare time?

Holly: A lot of disco music basically, a lot of disco. Occasionally I listen to things like Joni Mitchell, and really quiet things, but mainly I listen to the latest American import disco singles.

Laura: What do you wear in bed?

Holly: Chanel Number 5!

Laura: Whats the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to you?

Holly: I really cant think of anything, honestly!

Laura: Have you any lifelong unfulfilled ambitions?

Holly: Ive always wanted to be in a film.