ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


Frankie has kept me busy for a while, in fact way into the early hours of the morning but I have a confession to make, it was not the Spectrum version that I have been playing but I have now repented (it was all Lloyd ‘Defector Mangrams fault, he introduced me to the fab music that the CBM 64 version plays and I couldnt restrain myself, dont worry I washed my hands when I had finished).

Luckily Howard Walker of Redditch has come to the rescue with a lad of hints for the Spectrum version.


The body of the victim is always at the end of a street. Go into a house and if it has a money bag on a table between doors then the body is in the room on the right.

Mr Straight is always the killer. Ignore the message that says ‘Mrs Straight has a son in the RAF because this was probably from a previous marriage.


The wedding ring will stop pleasure point drain in the War Room and the Cybernetic Breakout Rooms. It also pushes up your faith points when you wear it in either of these rooms.

The flak jacket will protect you from the bullets on the ZTT Room and with it on you can break down the barrier much quicker.

The security pass and the floppy disk will help you complete the Terminal Room but beware you may need more than one disk to boot information into the computer. If it does boot successfully then use the security pass to gain access to the other terminals. Touch terminal one to go into the Shooting Gallery, touch terminal two to play Raid Over Merseyside and touch terminal three to play Cybernetic Breakout.


The important thing to remember is that you are not in a conventional maze. The doors to the rooms are normally at the top end of the corridors. You can only depart from the corridors of power if you are hit by a fireball or you enter a room.


When you enter this room move over to the far right. As soon as the symbols appear shoot at them. The first time you hit a symbol which you havent hit before then the pleasure bar relevant to that symbol goes up (eg if you were to hit a cross then your faith bar would increase). You cannot get the word BANG! by shooting symbols in this room.


Touch everything and open all the cupboards, fridges etc. It is best to always have at least one wedding ring and one pleasure pill with you all the time.