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Liverpool — Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Id put the opening track “Warriors Of The Wasteland” against any hardrockin song you wanna drag out… bring ‘em on. It all comes down to attitude. Liverpool is the follow-up movie to Welcome To The Pleasure Dome. It is a modern movie with only the finest in cinematography. Its also not as big a pain in the ass (no pun intended) to program, though each song tends to bleed conceptually into each other. But FGTH didnt get this far by cramming 10 easy ones onto two sides of vinyl or one side of plasticine. I love the thick and foggy battle scenes each song tends to unfold. For the duration of their up-to-now brief career, Frankie Goes To Hollywood have created a high standard in audio production. If you thought the band was going to fold like a fickle fashion fetish, give this one an honored mega-decibel blast. Extractable trax include “Warriors” into “Rage Hard” plus “Watching The Wildlife” and “Kill The Pain.”