ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

The Clarendon, London

IN SOME dark hide-out in Liverpool, Pink Military have been quietly borrowing a few tricks, while developing a style of their own that has no counterpart or parallel in the current music trends.

Its difficult to visualise anyone but this crowd coming up with so obscure a title as ‘Do Animals Believe In God? for their debut album.

Pink Military have essentially been a showcase for her. The audience are either warmed to this irresistible eccentric, or else they shun her for being defiant and excessively non-conformist.

At last, it seems things are changing. The musical ingenuity of the band is last catching up with Jane and the two are merging like theyve never been apart.

Did You See Her?, the new single, casts aside the previous self-indulgence of Pink Military. Like ‘Wild West, and indeed most of the set numbers, this is music for the tasteful masses and not just the aspiring trend-setters.

Its obvious to see that Pink Military are no longer going to be a closed shop, opening only to those of the coloured hair and painted faces. Surely now, they are about to be sought out by a much wider audience.