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Dear Get Smart!,

Please please please can you find out whats happening with Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Will they get back together to record the third LP as ZTT said they would? Also, are there any plans for any live stuff to be released?

Mark OTooles Hair Bleach.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood wont ever be getting back together, according to a “spokesperson” at their management office. Mark, Ped and Nasher have narrowed the shortlist of singers theyve been auditioning down to five — all apparently fairly unknown — and are going to work with all of them for a month before deciding who they prefer. Theyve also started writing songs which are apparently more “in a rock direction”. Like Bon Jovi? “It could be — I suppose thats close,” explained the spokesperson. They hope to have a single out early next year.

Holly Johnson meanwhile is in court trying to get off ZTT Records and will be writing songs soon for his solo career. Paul Rutherford is also going solo — he has, Get Smart! is assured, a “very good voice” and is looking for songs to record.

As for live recordings, yes, they do have a lot of concerts recorded and they probably will release some of them eventually, but not for a year or so. There is also apparently a Greatest Hits LP being released before Christmas presumably without the groups consent as their management “spokesperson” confessed he knew “nothing about it”.