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Blue movie

Bodydouble is the new, steamy thriller from director, Brian de Palma (Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Scarface). In usual de Palma fashion the plot is both ludicrous and rivetting.

Jake, a two-bit actor down on his luck, has witnessed the gruesome murder of the girl of his dreams. Devastated by the confusing circumstances of her death, he hotly pursues a soft-porn actress called Holly Body, whose shapely figure is a dead-ringer for the murdered girls. In order to meet her, Jake auditions for the part of a naive-looking, ‘preppy nerd, ready to be seduced by the voluptuous Miss Body. Everything is going according to plan when… “Mie Hie Heiawagheigh, Give it to me one time now!”. A certain Mr Holly Johnson (slicked back hair, dinner jacket, cheeky grin) puts a hand on his shoulder and leads him into a pleasuredome of devilish delights to the pulsating rhythms of “Relax”. Paul Rutherford also makes an appearance (black roll neck, shades and handcuffs), but the rest of the Frankies seem to be absent. Holly once described the filming of Bodydouble in Hollywood as the highlight of his career.

Although it carries an 18 certificate at the cinema, Bodydouble will be released on video some time in May. Well worth the rental money.