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Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Shoot! The Greatest Hits

(Warner Music Vision)

Duran Duran affected arch meaning with Nick Rhodes cravats and Simon Le Bons Franglais appellation. Frankie went a few steps further by delivering their own manifesto, with slogans, T-shirts and three strikingly individual promos: the Borgias-disco floorshow of ‘Relax, the Cold War hand-to-hand scrap in ‘Two Tribes and ‘Power Of Love, the straight re-enactment of the birth of Jesus that mixed pulp fantasies with gay sex, sensationalist politics and religious myth.

The remainder of this slight, eight-video compilation contains ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome, which cavorts in a Medieval fetish club, and ‘Rage Hard, where Frankie strike Mad Max poses against an expensive set. Theyre fine as richly garnished mini-films, but theres little to differentiate the likes of ‘Rage Hard from Le Bons big-budget sci-fi warrior dreams. 6

Steve Malins