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Whatever did happen to Frankie Goes To Hollywood?

Dear Get Smart!,

Please could you find out when the various members of Frankie Goes To Hollywood are going to show signs of life again? What are they all up to? When is Hollys solo single out and what is the name of the new group Mark, Nasher and Ped have formed?

Jorge Grimalt, Valencia, Spain.

Holly, after a long legal battle with Frankie Goes To Hollywoods old record company ZTT, has just signed a new record “deal” and should have a new LP out before Christmas. Paul Rutherford has been even busier. Hes just invented an “acid house” single which is called “Get Real” and is out now!

“The Lads” meanwhile have been unusually quiet since they auditioned for a new singer last summer and their old record company has heard “no office gossip about them whatsoever”.