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Title: Claim to fame
Source: No. 1


…Yes, folks! Your fave page rushed off to Pronuptia, squeezed itself into a rather attractive taffeta number, and sauntered off to the wedding of Peter Oxendale, Frankie’s keyboard player and all-round Good Guy, as he tied the knot with Carolyn May Bremner-Smith, who’s got a degree in Russian and was once voted Miss Bradford. The wedding took place in Leeds, and the reception was awash with Frankies and friends. C.T.F. managed to thrust a camera in front of all of them, and this is what we saw…

L-R: Ged O’Toole, Ped, Mark (we hope he’s not doing what we think he’s doing), Bonnie, Peter (the groom), and Carolyn (the bride).

Mark does his ‘legendary’ Groucho Marx impression

“No.1? Sorry mate, tradesman’s entrance is round the back…” Mark tells C.T.F. where to get off.

Here’s the real Mark O’Toole… a pint (or six), a fag, and a kind word for everybody. (Are you sure about this last one? – Ed).

Enough of this malarkey – here are some real megastars, our very own Paul ‘Mmm, kinda dreamy’ Bursche swapping rock ‘n’ roll anecdotes with Bonnie Tyler. Mind-blowing!

Joanne Harland, who went to Japan with Frankie courtesy of No.1, received an invitation to the wedding. Lucky girl, eh? Here she is renewing her acquaintance with Paul Rutherford.

Would you invite these people to your wedding?

Aaaaahhhhh… young love is a wonderful thing, don’t’cha think? Here’s Ped and girlfriend Lisa waiting for the vol-au-vents.