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Title: You say Frankie are tops
Source: The Sun


FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD are the hottest band in the land. They stole the show for the best band and best single in the great Sun-HMV rock and pop poll.

We asked you to tell us who gets your toes tapping and your bodies popping. And who’s the biggest turn-off on the turntable.

We got buried under tens of thousands of replies. There were so many that we based our results on a 20,000 sample.

There were some big surprises. Wham! did not soar to success anywhere.

And a new bunch of raunchy songbirds have got your vote - with old favourites like Kate Bush and Sheena Easton not getting a look in.

We’ve all been doing exactly what Frankie say for months now. So it’s no wonder his band are No 1 in our hearts.

Not surprisingly, the two singles you really flipped for are Two Tribes and Relax.

Frankie will really be heading for Hollywood at this rate - to make it in movies.

Both songs were at No 1 for several weeks - and you are still not sick of hearing them. That really says something.

Three awards - for best male singer, album and video - went to American wonder boy Michael Jackson.

It was a bit of a surprise that the sexy Careless Whisper by George Michael didn’t score more. It had to settle for third best single.

The results of our sensational poll were based on a 20,000 sample.


1 Frankie 8,184

2 Wham! 2,060

3 Duran 1,827

4 Culture Club 1,596

5 Queen 1,219

8 Spandau 817

7 Thompsons 734

8 UB40 600

9 Madness 505

10 U2 454