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Title: That was the week that was for Mark O’Toole...
Source: No. 1
Publish date: 12 January 1985

That was the week that was for Mark O’Toole, Frankie’s hunky bassist. First, Mark lost his passport just before the band were due to do their New Year’s Eve MTV special. He made the live transmission with seconds to spare courtesy of Concorde.

Frankie were joined on stage for ‘Relax’ by none other than Simon Le Bon and John Taylor! Said Holly: “They gave it loads, but Simon wasn’t too sure of all the words.” So that’s why he was singing “Relax, don’t err, umm, when I want to, err whatever it is next”.

Then before Frankie did the Euro special for The Tube Mr O’Toole was involved in a nasty incident in a Newcastle club when a local labourer gave him a traditional Geordie welcome, a head butt. Poor Mark’s nose is currently his most conspicuous feature. “It hurts like hell but I don’t think it’s broken.” he winced…

FGTH are playing a full British tour in March. Their next single will be a double A side including the unrecorded classic ‘Disneyland’.