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See enclosed cutting from a certain Leicester newspaper.

Me, Woodstock, Littlethorpe.

It amazes me in this day and age records are being banned from the airwaves because of their sexual content, I am of course referring to the excellent “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

I mean how can we be expected to accept the fact that the BBC have banned Frankie Goes To Hollywood from appearing on Top Of The Pops because their routine is not up to standards — yet surely their routine is as acceptable as some of the sketches out of the Kenny Everett Television Show?

Rich Bradley, Richmond, Yorks.

Molly would agree with you on this.

I cannot understand the mentality of the BBC when they refuse to play “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood on Radio 1 or broadcast it on TOTP, but then allow their local radio station Radio London to broadcast, as they did on Thursday, a Paul Young track from “No Parlez” called “Sex” which contains far more naughty bits than “Relax” ever could.

Nikki, Middlesex.

What really annoys me about the ban on Frankie Goes To Hollywoods record is that the Beeb still allow acts like Cyndi Lauper (in a low-cut black dress hoping to God shell fall out no doubt) prancing about singing “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”.

And what about Zoo? They pranced about with next to nothing on and ended up with even less after theyd mauled each other. And all this sort of thing on family viewing time.

Shuv, Lancing.

We think that Michael Hurll, the producer of TOTP must have something seriously wrong with him. Here he is banning the Frankie Goes To Hollywood video (which weve seen) and its much less obscene than the “dancers” on last years “Rock And Pop Awards” dancing to Kim Wildes “View From A Bridge”.

Three Extremely Irritated Frankie Goes To Hollywood Fans, Muswell Hill, London.

Did you hear it? On the lunchtime prog. on Radio 1, Steve Wright announcing “Wishful Thinking” by China Crisis actually had the nerve to say “Sit back with your eyes closed and think of making love”… and Radio 1 banned “Relax” (the acest song ever). Hah!

A Corrupted Being Now Listening To Radio 4.