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Frankie furore over Scargills cap

CHART-TOPPERS Frankie Goes To Hollywood were at the centre of a political storm last night after presenting miners leader Arthur Scargill with a baseball cap to replace the one he lost on the picket lines earlier this week.

But the action of the Liverpudlian group strongly tipped to grab the top two places in the charts next week, has incensed local Tory MP Malcolm Thornton.

He says: “Its a cheap publicity stunt. The group are in the business of selling records and they should stick to just that.

“They have a right to express a political opinion but as a group in the public eye, particularly popular with youngsters at an impressionable age, they should behave in a more responsible manner.”

The group have also given Mr Scargill a promotional T-shirt with the slogan: “Frankie Says Arm The Unemployed.”

A spokesman for the band says: “They totally support Arthur Scargill and believe everything he is doing on behalf of the miners is right.”