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A late show for Frankie

THE most controversial pop video yet makes its TV debut tonight.

But you will have to stay up very late to watch it.

Two Tribes, by outrageous Liverpool group Frankie Goes To Hollywood, goes out in a TUBE SPECIAL (Channel 4, 1 a.m.).

Singer Paul Rutherford says the group dont expect the single to be banned, unlike its predecessor Relax, which was axed by the BBC for being too sexually explicit.

He adds: “Its the most graphic anti-war song Ive ever heard. Anyone with any heart has got to be against nuclear war. Were very proud of it.”

The groups sensational success has taken them by surprise. Two Tribes is their second single and their second consecutive number one.

Paul says: “Were in demand and really blessed. Its become a lot bigger than we ever imagined.

“But were simply holding a job down that happens to pay well.”