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Smashing time for Frankie!

DOUBLE chart-toppers Frankie Goes to Hollywood are a smash-hit in Germany… in more ways than one.

Theyve become… car wreckers.

It all happened while they were waiting to appear on one of German TVs most exciting shows. A stills photographer took them on to the set — a bizarre collection of old cars.

The photographer then suggested that they jump up and down on the ageing old Volkswagens.


And thats what they did.

By the end of the session the boys were swinging bits of metal, around their heads and the old bangers were total wrecks.

“The Germans seemed quite happy and we flew back to Britain thinking no more about it,” said Holly Johnson.

But then the jolly Germans seemed to have lost their sense of humour.

Island Records have just received a bill from the TV company for nearly £3,000 for compensation for damage caused to the cars.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood still remain at 1 and 2 in our charts. But challenging strongly is Neil from the hit TV comedy show the Young Ones, who rocket straight in at No. 5.