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One to 1

Dear Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I wish you would!

A Knitting Needle, Yorkshire.

Ouch! Five weeks without us has obviously sharpened your pens. Take cover wimps…

What are the British charts coming to with the awful ‘Two Tribes at No.1 for so long!

Quite honestly the song is crap. Holly (or is it Norman Wisdom in disguise) cant sing and why do they have to make so many re-mixes — probably because the song is so awful that they dont want their fans to get too bored.

It seems to me that they have only gained success because their first single was banned — as was the video.

Personally, I thought the new video was disgusting. Im not being a prude but what about young children seeing a video with President Reagan and Chernenko brawling in a ring with hundreds of people watching. Is this trying to put people off war, it seems to me that it will only make them think about it more!

I dread to think what their next single will be about.

Adele Bedford, Leeds.

Surely the only way people will ban war is if they think abut it a bit more! And as for the subject of the next single, in this office, votes are equally cast as whether It will be Money or Religion.