ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

“When two tribes go to the bar, a pint is all that you can score”: (left-right) Tom Bailey, Paul Rutherford, “Gnasher” Nash, rude sign, Mark OToole, Holly Johnson, Alannah Currie, Joe Leeway.

Its cruel what people do to photographers sometimes. Ganging up on them, rude signs, having a laugh at their expense.

The persons up top are, of course, the members of new supergroup sensation Thompson Goes To Hollywood. Actually, Bitz tells a lie. Theyre Frankie and Thompson persons snapped while meeting up in Norwich for the first in a new Peter Powell BBC 1 TV series On The Road. Frankie sang ‘War” (see it?) and the Thompsons jetted in specially from Ireland (where theyre busy writing the next LP) especially to do “Sister Of Mercy”. And they almost didnt get there as the plane broke down. Dont say we never tell you anything.