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We are two great fans (and friends) of Frankie who are really — and we mean really — exasperated with the people who insist on spelling Nashers name with a G. Gnasher happens to be a short, fat, hairy, ugly (everything that Nasher isnt) dog who appears in The Beano with Dennis The Menace. Correct us if were wrong but we do believe that Smash Hits itself spelt Nashers name with a G. We were disgusted — and we mean disgusted — that Smash Hits should make such an unforgiveable mistake.

Nashers Hair Gel And Mark OTooles Leather Jockstrap.

Oodness racious and rovellin apoloies! We will never spell Nashers name wron aain, we narantee. We wouldnt dream of leavin the ‘i out of Frankie either…

If you think using Frankie Goes To Hollywood to sell houses is bad (August 2) then look what I found in my local paper. People will do anything to attract customers.

A Girl Who Is Incredibly Famous, Disgustingly Rich, Amazingly Pretty, Enormously Clever, Still Reads Smash Hits And Lives In Surrey.