ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


“Ere, tsoooh, what! Missus, please, decorum, decorum.” No. Whispers hasnt gone mad, thats just the sound of Francis Howard, limbering up for his voice-over on the TV ad for Frankies album. The Up Pompeii man wants a trifling two grand to speak his part. “Perhaps well use Roy Kinnear,” mutters Paul Morley meanly.

Maybe Francis can give the three hooligans some dressing-up tips, because it seems they arent so sartorially confident as slickers Paul and Holly. Theyll wear anything thats put out for them by their dresser just as long as the poor girl also ties up their laces and adjusts their socks. No wonder shes refused to accompany them on their American tour…