ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

The winning Frankie remix pix!

A few weeks ago we ran a competition where all those of you with an artistic bent were asked to take out your pens and pencil and graffiti-ise all over Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Remember those sensational John Stoddart shots of Frankie wielding chain-saws?

Remember how Paul Rutherford was so “chuffed” about his portrait that he added ears and whiskers?

Well, you respond, with a vengeance — and after rifling through sackfuls of mail, our intrepid No.1 competition experts narrowed the field down, took the best entries to ZTT and asked Paul to judge the winners.

So on a warm October morning Mr Rutherford breezed in, sporting Scott Crolla tartan trews, a pretty nifty cap, and furiously muncing on a baked spud with cheese and huge bowl of fruit salad and cream.

The shortlist included artwork from Tracie Beckett, Hussein Hassan, Miss C Shanks, Debbie Marks, Gail Cutler and Adrian Davies — all of whom impressed Paul so greatly that he insisted on taking their drawings home.

But the winner was A. Enright of Middlesex. We think youll agree her representations of Holly, Ped, Mark and Nasher are pretty stunning.

This is how Paul interpreted them. “Holly looks like Orson Welles or maybe Errol Flynn, very swashbuckling…

“Mark looks dead sweet as a clown. That sums up his personality pretty well in a way.

“Whos Nasher supposed to be? Thats what Cyril Trotts of Bognor looks like, a very naughty schoolboy, obviously the Nash down to a tee.

“Me favourite though is Ped, deffo. I think he looks brill. Hes wonderful in drag, Venezuela Gill or Carmen Miranda.

“Ped should get an award for looking so ravishing. Its torn me heart out that, I want to marry it.

“Im definitely going to have that picture framed. Pedll love it, hell be hysterical.

“This girl will go far.”

Our congratulations to A. Enright, who wins Pauls own framed original artwork, and a big thank you to everyone who entered. Keep your paws clean and your nose wet and get ready for more fab gear No.1 competitions coming your way soon, pussycats.

Max Bell