ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


Wise old man of pop Malcolm McLaren has just returned from a holiday in Leningrad where he visited some Russians whove been penpals since the Sex Pistols days.

Malcys sparring partner Trevor Horn told Whispers that McLarens new opera album is “terrific and will open up a lot of ears”. His next single is a three-minute version of Carmen which Malcolm calls “a wonderful strip show”.

Reunited — if only for a rack of lamb and a glass of the Soho Brasseries finest Nouveau — were Associates Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine. Meanwhile at an adjacent table ZTT boss Paul Morley toyed with a brandy and dreams of total world domination by December 23…

Frankie Goes To Hollywood will play Liverpool this year — three dates in fact but we cant say where yet. The local tourist board and police are already holding meetings to prepare for the invasion of the ancient city.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a stage invasion by a hundred fans resulted in Paul Rutherford having a fancy waistcoat nicked and in the disappearance of two leather jackets.

But thats nowt compared to what Holly lost in New York before FGTH played three nights at the Ritz — his voice! After wrapping up in warm towels sipping honey tea, he recovered enough to attend Diane Brills party for the band at Danceteria which a spokespersonette described as the “best party in the world for 20 minutes”. Mud wrestlers cavorted on motorbikes, while girls in skimpy underwear hung from pillars.

Mark OTooles verdict on Brills boss Andy Warhol was fairly succinct. “Hes a decrepit old git. The only thing hes got going for him is that he can throw shit at the walls, call it art and sell it for thousands.” When Frankie pack up, Mark is thinking of taking a job as Guardian art critic.