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Whispers goes to the Wag

Hello, hello, whats all this then? Pop stars looning about together, Marilyn going around kissing everybody… once upon a time wed have called this a party. Now, of course, its a benefit.

Whos this one for then? The Society for the Welfare of Steve Strange? Um… Christmas presents for striking miners kids actually.

A worthy cause which prompted a galaxy of stars to come out and express their solidarity and support.

And whos behind it all? Well, we were. Or rather the chapel of the journalists union which includes No.1 and two other music papers. NME and Melody Maker.

Hence the heaving throng which assembled in Londons trendy Wag Club last Sunday to raise hell and a whole lot of money. Both ambitions achieved.

Live entertainment was provided by Roddy Frame, Edwyn Collins, Paul Quinn, Zeke Manyikas Dr Love, and comedian Robbie Coltrane. Ace breaking crew The Sidewinders spun on their heads and jazz dancers IDJ twinkled their toes.

DJs were Jerry Dammers of The Special AKA, Paul Weller and Mick Talbot, Suggs and Bedders from Madness, and star club disc-spinner Jay Strongman.

Those propping up the bar included Frankies Paul Rutherford, Bananarama, Marilyn, Bronski Beat, The Flying Pickets, Cabaret Voltaire, Animal Nightlife, Working Week, D.C Lee and a coachload of miners and their families from the Kent coalfield.

The whole shebang raised some £1,500 and Paul Simper didnt disgrace himself like he usually does at parties. In fact, he was the MC. Hmm, maybe these benefits arent a bad idea after all.

Mark Bedford of Madness demonstrated the famous headbangers hooked horns salute while Roddy Frame performs his manic Interpretation of Van Helens ‘Jump (not shown in picture)

“Who us? Gosh, OK, then.” Sarah and Keren Bananarama act surprised at having their photo taken

Suggs insists on keeping his sheepskin coat on despite the fact that the temperature in the Wag Club is now a sizzling 98 degrees

Animal Nightlifer Andy Polaris and Dee C Lee offer their definition of true love… squashing a Walkman

Paul Wellers entry for weirdest hair-do of the year meets with a confident thumbs-up from Mick Talbot, who is also auditioning for the part of Paul McCartney in the film The Beatles 20 favourite Hand Gestures (MGM)


Unbeknown to Paul Weller — who Is queueing at the bar — Marilyn gives Paul Rutherford a friendly bear hug. “Gerroff, youre hurting my wallet,” mutters Paulie

Comedian Robbie Coltrane, sporting a devastatingly tasteless tie, is escorted out of the Wag Club bye ferocious bouncer