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You say Frankie are tops

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD are the hottest band in the land. They stole the show for the best band and best single in the great Sun-HMV rock and pop poll.

We asked you to tell us who gets your toes tapping and your bodies popping. And whos the biggest turn-off on the turntable.

We got buried under tens of thousands of replies. There were so many that we based our results on a 20,000 sample.

There were some big surprises. Wham! did not soar to success anywhere.

And a new bunch of raunchy songbirds have got your vote — with old favourites like Kate Bush and Sheena Easton not getting a look in.

Weve all been doing exactly what Frankie say for months now. So its no wonder his band are No 1 in our hearts.

Not surprisingly, the two singles you really flipped for are Two Tribes and Relax.

Frankie will really be heading for Hollywood at this rate — to make it in movies.

Both songs were at No 1 for several weeks — and you are still not sick of hearing them. That really says something.

Three awards — for best male singer, album and video — went to American wonder boy Michael Jackson.

It was a bit of a surprise that the sexy Careless Whisper by George Michael didnt score more. It had to settle for third best single.

The results of our sensational poll were based on a 20,000 sample.

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