ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

No.1 New Act

“Weve won the best new act. That figures. We are.

“Do we get a prize? I want a gold plated turd.

“It doesnt bother me that Duran and Wham beat us out in best act overall. These matters are up to the fans. Weve still has a great year. Its been a laff.

“Duran Durans ‘Wild Boys won best single? What can I say? Im choked. Not a very individual record.

“Holly should have won best singer because hes more of a psycho on stage that those others. He gives it loads more.

“Didnt the lads come anywhere in the best dressed list? I shoulda won that. I wear dirty T-shirts and scruffy jeans. Maybe Ill start wearing a whistle and flute and shave me head and eyebrows. The lads ‘ll have to experiment with a bit of eye shadow and lippy.”

Ped, Frankie