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The No.1 2nd carol service

Lets face it, Christmas would be pretty dull without Maureen Rices wickedly funny alternative Christmas carols, wouldnt it?

You liked them so much last year, Maureen decided to write some new Yuletide ditties to spring on the stars.

Just remember to sing the new wordsto the traditional tunes.


To the tune of ‘The Holly And The Ivy

Now Holly might sound divvy

But my real name makes me ill

Its hard corrupting the nations youth

When your mother calls you Bill

Oh were always in the Sun

Cos we happen to be gay

And we sing about our merry organs

Even though its dead passé

Some say we wont last for long

They can shut their jealous gobs

Weve got Morley busy writing words for us

And good old Trevor twiddling knobs…