ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Dear Holly Johnson, Ive always been interested in horoscopes. I am very interested in yours. Please tell me your birth sign. I hope you have lots of ashes in your stocking.

E. Harris, Glamorgan, South Wales.

Ashes? A couple of oranges wouldnt go amiss. But dont the Frankies all want Porsches for Crimbo?

Dear Holly Johnson, heres a poem for you because you are not my No.1 (though you are Justines of Portsmouth).

Although you pose like a ‘he man

Youre really rather feeble

Youre more like an action man

Youre nothing like a weeble.

Love and kisses, Sgt Ernest Bilko.

Unfair to weebles!

Im not much for words but please tell Mark OToole that I love him loads. Ill meet him somehow, someday, so tell him to have a Birds Eye lasagne ready for me when I do. Hurry home Mark, Im missing you.

The Mad Mohawks No.1 Fan, Southampton.

You must love him if youd put up with his cooking.

Although its raining today I feel very happy. Two minutes ago I was singing ‘Forever Young by Alphaville and now Im thinking about Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Yesterday I sang the latest song by Duran Duran and I realise how lucky I am to have the freedom to choose the music I like.

Im happy these people exist just as Im happy there is heavy metal, mods, etc, even though I dont like them too much.

Maybe tomorrow I would like to sing a bit of metal and I like to think I could do it freely.

Margherifa de Gisi, Milan, Italy.

Go ahead, we wont stop you.

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Jurgen Geringer Taufkirchen, Munich

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