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One to 1

How dare Frankies dark glasses write nasty things about the most majestic Modes. At least Depeche Mode write their own material and produce it.

Welcome To The Pleasure Dome is a disgusting debut album, full of second-rate covers and jungle noises. If you want a class album, buy ‘Some Great Reward.

Craig Hall (The best Depeche fan EVER), Derby.

Id like to take a poison arrow and stick it into each member of my favourite band, Spandau Ballet. Why? Because ever since Frankie called them a bunch of wimps theyve gone all out to prove otherwise and lowered themselves.

Not only have they decided to make their videos more like blue movies, theyve also splashed stories about their sex lives in papers all over the world. Thats how young guys of 16 behave — just GROW UP. What you do in your private lives is your business, your fans arent interested.

Your No.1 New Zealand fan whos ashamed of you right now.

Just a quick note to inform you that we have a last received the initial fan club packages for the Frankie Goes To Hollywood Fan Club. We are working day and night sending them out to all paid up members and wish to thank everyone for being so patient. Anyone wishing to join should send a SAE to FGTH, PO Box 160, Liverpool L69 8BG.

Doreen and Kenny. Franktazttic.