ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


One of Mark OTooles aunts is a chief of police in New York City. True.

Mysteriously a copy of the very wonderful No.1 Book has found its way across the Atlantic and into the eager paws of Mark OToole. And so knocked out was he with Max ‘Relax Bells in-depth expose of the lads boudoir habits that he sat the whole band down and read it all out to them. And tonights bed-time story is…

A few weeks back (well, months to be exact) we invited you to invent your own ‘Frankie Say type slogans.

We had thousands of entries (still digging the editor out) but eventual winners of T-shirts printed up with their slogans were: Paula Smith of Hanworth, Middx with ‘Neil Say The Weather Girls Are Really Heavy (her prize modelled by Martin Townsend); Sarah Windley of Westgate-on-Sea with ‘Sarah Says Can Someone Please Give Me Frankies Phone Number (posed by Karen Swayne); Steven Sullivan of Coventry with ‘Aztec Camera Say Smile Please (shown off by Lynn Hanna); Lisa Payne with ‘Madness Say Shut Up (wrapped round Mr Paul Bursche) and Nadine Gallagher of County Fermanagh with ‘Michael Jackson Says Where The Hells My Other Glove (clinging gamely to Paul Simper).

The lads offered to add miscellaneous stains but you cant have everything…