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Looks like Frankies in for an unholy row

STAND BY for Frankie Goes To Bethlehem. Holly Johnson et al are about to cause more trouble with the video of their new single, The Power of Love.

Following Relax and Two Tribes, FGTH have chosen the sticky subject of religion and the nativity story as their third video theme.

Producers Kevin Godley and Lol Creme have already shot scenes involving the group in a London studio. This week the pair fly to Israel for location shots in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

“I will neither confirm nor deny that Holly plays the part of the Virgin Mary, that Paul Rutherford is Joseph and that the rest of the group are the Wise Men,” says Godley and Cremes manager John Gaydon. And he adds rather lamely, “Theres no intention of being controversial”.

“Its a celebration of love and the spirit of Christmas.” We shall see.