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OH NO! ITS THE LADS: Frankie mania is sweeping the USA quicker than Ronald Reagan can say, um, err, my fellow, err, what country are we in anyhow? At press time we learnt that the Franks plan to turn up for their Washington press conference, held on Presidential election day, in a TANK!

When in Canada, do as the Canadians do. FGTH have discovered ice hockey. In Ottawa everyone snapped up the full rinky dink gear — knee pads, boots and shirts bearing the names of the two tribes CCCP and USA. Ped went really overboard and can now be seen doing ‘Born To Run on stage wearing a red goal-minders helmet.

Apparently, the tour started off slowly but now Holly is going gung-ho, yelling all sorts of obscenities at the audiences. One of his choicer comments concerns rednecks and what to do with them. Modesty prevents Whispers from disclosing Johnsons rather fruity comments

Peter Ashworths fab Frankie surrealist pic (as seen on last weeks No.1 cover) held the attention most. One wag reckoned it was like seeing the Mona Lisa in a room full of polaroids. (And for the many who have asked — no it wasnt a collage)

Finally, one person who isnt going to see Frankie in America is Trevor Horn. Hes far too busy producing Propaganda and Anne Pigalle and looking for a house in Hampstead. Price, oh, only about £800,000. Alright for some, eh?…