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What a spin on saucy record cover

BRITAINS most outrageous pop band are heading for another storm — over the cover of their new LP.

It features a sex drawing which the designers admit is “as rude as we could possibly make it.”

The album, by the Liverpool band Frankie Goes To Hollywood, goes into the shops tomorrow.

Already it has broken all existing records for advance sales, outstripping the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson.

More than a million copies have been ordered so far, bringing in £7 million.

Bizarre image

The cover, drawn in Picasso style, shows animals indulging in an orgy and disappearing into a giant phallus.

From tomorrow the record — called Welcome To The Pleasuredome — will be taking pride of place in kids bedrooms all over Britain.

The cover was designed by the London firm of XL Designs.

Their vice-president Tom Watkins admitted: “We wanted to see how near the knuckle we could get.

“It wasnt our first design. That was really rude but it was rejected.

“The band has a bizarre, outrageous reputation. We wanted a cover that reflected that image.”

The group, who left yesterday for a tour of America and Canada, approved the design.