ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


“The best-dressed rugby scrum in the world” was how people were describing Katherine Hamnetts fashion show the other Saturday afternoon. Ms Hamnett (in the left-hand photo) is, you may remember, the woman who invented v. large t-shirts with big words on them. Still making them, actually. Her new slogans are “Stay alive in ‘85", “Heroin-free zone” and “Education not missiles” (no doubt to end up as “Wham! not missiles” or something). Anyway, there to watch the action, as you can see, were Jon Moss and Holly Johnson. “It was really good,” muttered Jon. “I was there for the event rather than, er, others who were there to see who was there.” And who, you are doubtless wondering, is the chap in the middle? ‘Tis one Wolfgang, a friend of Hollys.

While rehearsing for the Frankie American tour, poor Pedro recently collapsed with exhaustion. The reason? Too much “rubbishy food” like hamburgers and not enough good food “like chops”, apparently. Heres Ped: “The lads have had to carry on rehearsing without me. Theyve been using a drum machine but they say it isnt the same because it doesnt jump up and swear at them every three minutes.”