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Claim to fame


If youve been photographed with the hip, trendy or merely very famous send your snaps to CLAIM TO FAME, N01., Room 304, Commonwealth House, 1–19 New Oxford Street, London WC1. Please remember to include a short note explaining the picture. No responsibility can be taken for photos sent.

CLAIM TO FAME — The page that the nation are talking about!

Talk about blushing! When young Juliette Robson gave Steven Luscombe a quick peck the Mr Miserable of pop was so moved that a great red dot appeared on his forehead. Funny though, he doesnt look embarrassed.

When Nik Kershaw appeared on TV AM this year he had to get up pretty early. By the time it was all over the poor lad was pretty whacked out, but he did find time the and have a quick chat with Shelley from Hackney. What a nice man!

Kirsty Amachree felt pretty fobbed off when she met John Taylor at the BBC. He chatted to her a while then left her with this strange feller who said he was in a band. What band? She asked. Big Country? Never heard of them.

Trisha Reids cousin, Dawn was in the ladies room at TOTP when Ian McCulloch of the Bunnymen walked in, said he was going to “‘ave a slash” and then demanded that they all leave. Dawn could do nothing but hang her head in shame. If only he wouldnt wear those dark glasses indoors.

Julie Garland took this picture of her friend Tracey Ashworth with a popstar in Liverpools legendary Cavern Club, where the Beatles started. But its not a Beatle, rather one of Liverpools new generation of stars, Eddie Lunden of China Crisis.

Warren Cann of Ultravox was doing a spot of shopping one day in Glasgow when Laura-Agnes Hendry came bounding up to him and demanded that she be in a photo with him. Warren agreed — but Laura had to hop into his shopping basket after.

Do any of these faces ring a Bell? Yes, its Ped and Nash from FGTH. Little Jimmy Stevens from Swansea says he had his dream come true a few weeks ago when he actually met them, at the posh Toppers bar. Said Jimmy: “It was brill just to meet my idols, I spoke to them for ages, they even spoke to me. My only wish is that Paul Rutherford could have been there. Next time Jim.