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The Frankiness of the long playing record

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, having secured total domination of the singles charts, are now about to capture the LP Chart. Their debut album ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome is released late this month by ZTT (through Island), and it comes in the form of two LPs for the price of one.

Besides such established items as ‘Relax, ‘War and ‘Two Tribes, it includes versions of Bruce Springsteens ‘Born To Run and Bacharach & Davids ‘San Jose — plus a number of new pieces, including the title track, ‘Wish The Lads Were Here, ‘The Balled Of 32', ‘The Only Star In Heaven, ‘Krisco Kisses, ‘Black Night White Night and ‘The Power Of Love.

Later this month, the band fly to the States to play a series of dates — in anticipation, they say, of ‘Relax and ‘Two Tribes arriving in the US charts simultaneously. Theyve literally recently been to Hollywood to appear in Brian De Palmas new film, and theyll be unleashing a new T-shirt specially for America, bearing the legend “Frankie Say Shit The Politician”.

Another ZTT LP release this month is ‘Whos Afraid (Of The Art Of Noise). Theres also a single by The Art Of Noise “which exists as a chance to sample the LP” — it features ‘Close (To The Edit) and ‘A Time To Hear (Whos Listening), and it contains a 50p-off coupon for the benefit of album purchasers.