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Wanna know something?

Please please can you print the tan club address for Frankie Goes To Hollywood?

Audrey, Lancs.

I sent a postal order for £6 to the FGTH fan club on July 2 and since then have received nothing from them — not even an excuse! A friend of mine also wrote early in August and also has heard nothing. Are we being ripped off, or what? Please help us if you can.

Mark Bryan. Newcastle.

I spoke to a very nice lady called Doreen at the Frankie fan club, and it appears that there has been a delay in sending out the promised packages.

The delay is due to a technical hitch at the printers, and is quite beyond their control. Fortunately, it looks as though this problem is going to be solved soon, so the fan club are going all creepy and asking for your patience for a little longer.

As far as your friend goes, Mark, the fan club does state a 21-day waiting period for delivery, so he hasnt really got anything to complain about yet. However, Doreen has promised to write to you personally.

For all the dozens of people who have written in asking for It, this is the FGTH fan club address: Frankie Goes To Hollywood, PO Box 160, Liverpool, L69 8BG.